Tom M.

My name is Tom, The Happy Animals's social media manager and part-time author. In just a handful of words, I would describe myself as a hobby writer in training, huge animal lover and photography enthusiast. Outside of work, I’m an avid learner and full-time dog dad. I’m also a professional photographer, vegetarian and a book collector. My favorite things to do are intensely staring at animals and making people feel good! I truly hope that some of my publications on this website will make you giggle out loud and uplift your mood. That would mean the world to me!

Hilarious Brilliantly Timed Unusual Dog Photos, Pretty Much ‘Perfectly Timed’ (13+ Pics)

"Oscarworthy..." Some photographers must wait for hours to take the perfect shot, whether it’s for just the right colors to spring from the rising Sun ...

Emotional Photos Of Caring Dogs Consoling People – Completely Selfless (10+ Pics)

"Won’t Desert You..." Our dogs will never leave our side. Whether we are happy, sad, rich or poor. Whether we live in a huge house or on the street, ...



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Hilarious Photos Of Dogs Getting Introduced To Their New ‘Human Siblings’ (23+ Pics)

“She’s Bigger Than Me Already!?...” It is astounding how our pets seem to be attracted to children, especially babies. Whether for protection or ...

Hilarious Photos Of Dogs Who Have Mastered ‘The Art Of Sleeping’ (23+ Pics)

"It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane… It’s Supernapper..." Have you ever looked at a dog and thought, that has to hurt? They somehow manage to contort themselves ...

Heartwarming Photos Of Cats ‘Growing Up,’ Crazy How Some Things Never Change (16+ Pics)

"Still In Love With The Same Toy..." In the space of a few short weeks, kittens go from being tiny, furry babies, with unopened eyes to athletic teens, ...

Eye-Pleasing Photos Of Tiny Caracal Kittens, It’s Crazy How Charming They Are (15+ Pics)

The Caracal is a strikingly beautiful feline native to the wilds of Africa, the Middle East and some parts of Asia. They have almost elven features, ...

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