Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Sophia J.

My name is Sophia, and I'm a practicing writer aiming to one day be a full-time, cherished author on numerous informal media websites. And now the part where I would tell everyone about all my favorite activities, but truth be told, writing kind of is my favorite thing to do. Writing in a silent room with just my two cats near me, one is a red American Shorthair the other a grey Wirehair, Pinky and Misty. They are my everything. This means that I am actually kind of alone and sometimes lonely, but hey that just means more content for you guys right? You all feed off my loneliness (joke). All jokes aside, hilarious animal pictures often truly brighten my day, so it's an absolute honor to serve you compilations of priceless feel-good content.

10+ (Cute) Photos Of “Perfectly” Plump Puppy Bellies, It’s Crazy How Round They Are

"Chunky Puppy Belly...” Is there anything more adorable than puppies, stretched out with their bellies bulging, round and furry. They are almost ...

If You Ever Feel Sad, These (10+) “Precious” Baby Animals Will Make You Smile

"Shy Young Black-Footed Cat.." Adopting a pet when they’re still young can help ensure that they will be socialized correctly, but make sure it’s not an ...

15 (Emotional) Photos Of Friendly Pets Consoling Their “Besties”

“I Was Feeling Depressed And Couldn’t Bring Myself To Smile When I Felt A Nudge...” Magical images of pets can make your day. Whether it is a comforting ...

26 (Hilarious) Photos Of Happy Animals, Their Smiles Are Contagious

"Cheeky Sneaky Smile..." Animals, they’ve been around for longer than us, and they’ll probably be around much longer after we’ve gone. Why? Because they ...



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These 10+ (Emotional) Photos Of Dogs And Owners Growing Up Together Are Truly Beautiful

Young animals grow fast. One day you have a tiny puppy that fits in the palm of your hand, the next it’s a fully-grown...

30 (Emotional) Photos Of “Sweet” Dogs Consoling Their Loved Ones, Heartwarming

"Won’t Desert You..." Our dogs will never leave our side. Whether we are happy, sad, rich or poor. Whether we live in a huge house or on the street, ...

20+ (Hilarious) Cat Photos That Were Taken At The “Perfect” Time

"Picture Purrfect..." Elegant, graceful and always photogenic, cats are constantly posted on social media by adoring owners keen to show off their ...

10+ (Eye-Pleasing) Photos Of “Truly” Adorable Puppies To Brighten Your Week

"When You Finally Stop Chasing Your Tail And Start Chasing Your Dreams..." Puppies are undeniably cute. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dog-person or a ...

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