Avanna Miller

My name is Avanna Miller and I'm a professional photographer, my favorite and most used camera is the Nikon Z6 (Mirrorless). I'm the mother of two energetic medium-sized dogs, a Basset Hound and a tri-colored beagle. In my spare time, I like to watch animal documentaries on my comfy couch. I have also recently taken up bike riding with my dogs. I certainly do enjoy going out, either just going for a drink or shopping, with friends or family. I try to post on The Happy Animals at least twice a week, but I often end up publishing several posts a day whenever I accidentally find absolutely priceless, new, must-see photos of dogs on the internet - I just can't help it.

Eye-Pleasing Photos Of Big-Boned, Chunky & Wrinkly Bulldog Puppies (17+ ‘Happy Pics’)

"Chunky Potato..." Bulldogs have an undeniably unique look, with their short, wrinkled faces and stubby little legs. Given this, it may seem odd that ...

Joyful Photos Of “Super Charming” Puppies, It’s Crazy How Cute They Are (15+ Pics)

“What Do You Mean I’ve Already Eaten Everything?” It's hard to not love such cute animals as puppies. We let them walk all over us without hesitation ...



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The Caracal is a strikingly beautiful feline native to the wilds of Africa, the Middle East and some parts of Asia. They have almost elven features, ...

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