About Us

The Happy Animals was created to fill the void that countless formal media publications often leave, particularly on certain social media platforms.

We keep it fun and simple!

With a mix of personalization and humorous “story-telling,” The Happy Animals provides a relatable voice that entertains, amazes, and uplifts visitors on a daily basis through a variety of photo collections in many different categories. This cosy feel-good website was created to fill the average animal lover’s need for a joyful and comical online happy place.

Whether the post is categorized as “hilarious” or “adorable,” our publications are widely shared by folks of all ages, genders, and nationalities. We aren’t mean or political, we don’t stereotype, and we don’t have any bad intentions. We simply want to show you must-see photos of animals that you won’t forget.

You can use our contact form to ask questions about The Happy Animals. No attachments can be added as they may contain harmful material. You will receive a response as soon as possible. Oh, true, almost forgot, a link to our privacy policy page.

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Avanna Miller (Writer)
Tom M. (Writer/Social Media Manager)
Olivia Davies (Editor)
Sophia J. (Writer)